Monday, February 22, 2010

within the mind [by margaret]

Crazy? That's just a term that doctors try not to use. So cut the crap, 'cause all that's a load of horseshit. Don't mean a fuckin' thing.

Stop that.

Oh, you really wanna know? Fine. We're not crazy – we're addicted. We're addicted…

Addicted to movement and sound and smell – quit squirmin'; you asked me, and now I'm tellin' you. See, there's a point that every person reaches – seein' as they live long enough – when they lose interest. Some people – yeah, like me – reach this point early on, and that's when the fun begins. Psychologists and psychiatrists and neurologists and all those frauds…they'll all tell you that this kinda behavior is 'cause of some "traumatic event" when we weren't but toddlers. Well, bullcrap. It ain't 'cause we were groped by our daddies or beaten by our mommies or kidnapped by our teachers or even 'cause we were unlucky enough to be born the middle kid.


What you see here…

This is a product of humanity.

Nobody ever sees us comin'. Now, why d'you think that is? It's 'cause we're nice. We get spat on every fuckin' day of our lives – so much that it becomes…what's that word, monotonous. The world calls us sick in the head, but we're not. Not really. We're sick of the head. And we'll do whatever the fuck it takes to break out.

See, we…we're not happy with just rain. We need thunder! And lightnin'! But, that's not the way life works for us. Nah, after awhile we don't even get clouds. It's sunny all the fuckin' time, and we start to deteriorate. See, look, my hands are shakin'.

Don't give me that look.

I am not irrational, and I am not unstable.

I am not satisfied to smile and say Yes Ma'am and No Sir any more. And since we don't get our share of the lightnin' and thunder, we gotta take it! We gotta take it from the likes of you.

Yes, you.

You are all the damned people in the world who are happy with just rain. You're scared of thunder. So we're gonna force it on you. And that's our thunder. That's ours.


Ann Elle Altman said...

I love the new blog for teens... just let me know, I can even do a blog post to advertise this blog. Email me.


thatquietkid said...

oh. my. God. I love your writing. If only I had as much passion *sigh*

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