Monday, February 22, 2010

reader discretion advised (by margaret)

A contemperary poem, with italisized lines by Chinese poet Duoduo, by Margaret.


I write the poetry of the degenerate youth

Reader discretion advised

Every word is a bird with its head crushed

They were getting too fat to fly, anyway

A few tired emotions

Then they stick their fingers down their throats and slice their own wings off

This is a dream, but a dream, your dream:

Ha! Nice try.

Perfect rows of desks, deadpanned stares, the squeal of an almost-dry whiteboard marker

No more than one memory allowed

Always the exact same: "write about what you did over the summer!" (as if they really want to hear)

I live in Jersey, how exciting could it be?

I and she and he and all of us will tell you:

Mosh pits and tattoo parlors, self-piercings and tabloid magazines

Then you'll bury yourself

In that dream you once had, and pretend

That nothing's happened

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